Economic Education Center (EEC) of AYEG has been functioning since the day of AYEG establishment. The first product of AYEG continuous success is still very popular, and is considered as our visit-card.

The goal of EEC is to improve the level of economic literacy in Georgia, and prepare qualified experts in economy. The center allows successful young generation, as well as all the interested parties, to attend seminars and training sessions in economy and business either free or through shared funding.

We have created the environment facilitating the improvement of learners’ knowledge. They study theoretical material along with case-studies and situational analysis. With the help of situational games, the trainees acquire the tools and techniques needed for independent decision-making, team-working, and looking for the ways of problem solution that stipulates the development of leadership and management.

Properly and timely offered (1989) EEP attracted the attention of young generation from itsvery first day. The number of training sessions and seminars in Georgia was increasing along with the market economy development.

The number of applicants is increasing every year, conditioned by annual update of training materials, including taking into consideration the interests of target audience. We conduct AYEG EEC evaluation through qualitative and quantitative analysis, update the training materials and offer new training topics. We offer cources in:


  • Basics of Economy;
  • Project Management;
  • Public Finances;
  • Basics of Marketing;
  • Basics of Management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Public Relations;
  • HR Management;
  • Export Sales;
  • Retail sales management;
  • Increasing access to finances;




Center of Entrepreneurship Development of Georgia


Economic Education Center (ECC)

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