AYEG is proud of running the Center of Entrepreneurship Development of Georgia (CEDG) with following priority areas:

1. Provision and development of entrepreneurship education;

  • Supporting policy development in entrepreneurship education;
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship education on secondary education level, universities and vocational education centers;
  • Increasing the access to entrepreneurship educational resources;
  • Increasing the awareness of youth about entrepreneurship;

2. Support to development of entrepreneurial activities;

  • Supporting the growth of businesses;
  • Supporting the networking among young entrepreneurs;

3. Increasing the access of youth to financial resources;

  • Identifying and offering new financial resources to young entrepreneurs;

Beneficiaries: Young entrepreneurs or youth (aged 14-29) interested in entrepreneurial activities.

Partners: Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Ministry of Economic and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Enterprise Development Agency, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Businesses and their owners, various international organizations. 


Current Project(s): Financing start-up businesses of youth 


Center of Entrepreneurship Development of Georgia


Economic Education Center (ECC)

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